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Business Intelligence, Dashboards & Reports

Business computer systems are built around data. Whether your data is in separate systems or consolidated in a data warehouse, your employees need access to it in informative, concise reports and charts to allow for quick and accurate decisions. We know business intelligence, data analysis and databases. We understand how to present data in ways that are quickly and easily understood. Through working with you, we provide you with intelligible reports that greatly improve your business management.

Using the appropriate tools (e.g. Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer, SAS and SQL Server Reporting Services) we will build reports that analyze your data in the ways that you need.

For dashboards we will consolidate multiple reports of densely aggregated information into simple informative designs that allow for seeing all that you need at a glance. We can make these dashboard reports available via your applications, scheduled emails or the web.

Our first meeting with you is at no charge. Call us for a new reporting system or dashboard.

* Client references are available upon request.

For details on how we work with our clients see How We Do It.

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