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Tanner and Cooper's Carbohydrate and Insulin Calculator

A program that estimates the amount of carbohydrate or insulin required to bring a diabetic's blood glucose level to their target rate. It does this by tracking carbohydrate, blood glucose levels and insulin - including unused insulin to help ensure you are given the optimal amount of insulin and/or carbohydrate to meet your target blood glucose rate. It contains all kinds of safety features and built-in warnings to help you avoid over or under dosing. The Carbohydrate and Insulin Calculator is intended to aid insulin dependent diabetics who use one kind or one premix of insulin in their insulin therapy ONLY. It is particularly well suited to people who are using intensive injection therapy or an insulin pump.

It was initially written for school nurses. The idea was to have a program that would consider everything prior to bolusing my boys. This program does that for me. The nurses rely on it every day. It is programmed with warning windows and messages for low blood sugars and unused insulin. After establishing a profile, the only information this program needs is the blood glucose and the carbohydrate. It has been so reliable and has so many safety features that we use it at home. The Carbohydrate and Insulin Calculator has been tested by more than thirty pumpers throughout the United States and Canada.

From anywhere within the program contextual help is available by pressing F1. Within the Windows help system searches may be made for other topics about the program. Flyover hints also display as the mouse passes over objects on the various screens.

What does the Calculator not do? It does not take into account anything other than the information put into it. The Carbohydrate and Insulin Calculator does not even attempt to estimate the impact of factors such as exercise, birthday parties, stress, depression, happiness, mid-life crises, menstrual cycles, puberty, menopause or any other things that depart from good old fashioned algebra. It is up to you to take these kinds of variables into account. The calculator allows you to change target rates, carbohydrate ratios and many other factors (all of these values should be verified with an endocrinologist). It is a calculator that greatly simplifies the complexities of calculations associated with insulin therapy and carbohydrate counting.

The Carbohydrate and Insulin Calculator works in all versions of Windows.

The file is available here: TC_Calc.exe

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