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Design & Design Review


Design is where experience is essential. Through intensive research and review (see How We Do It) we determine your current and future needs and create a design that is comprehensive, straightforward, flexible and elegant. The design is not complete until everyone working on the project understands and embraces the design.

We use computer aided software engineering (CASE) tool to create our database designs. This has the benefit of graphically displaying the design in intuitive and obvious way that makes informed discussions about the designs easy with even non-technical people. The CASE tool also creates reports and generates code to create the database. By working smart we deliver superior designs in less time and with less effort for everyone. Your costs are kept to a minimum.

Most clients have us build our designs, but some use their own staff. Regardless, we support our designs through the development and testing processes to ensure the success of the project.

If you would like us to deliver a solid, refined design for your organization, please call us for a free initial consultation.

Design Review

Before embarking on a large and complex project it may be helpful to enlist an experienced outside party to review your design. We can perform a comprehensive analysis of your design and report on the areas that can be improved to ensure your project's success. We look for:

At the completion of a design review we will give you a report listing the specific details of specifically what should be changed and how it should be changed so your development is based on a design that will be a significant improvement to completing your project in the least amount and at the lowest cost.

If you would like us to review one or more of your designs, please call us. The first meeting is free.

(If you are looking for project management that allows for fast and flexible development, we offer project management services to help you meet your goals or call us for a free initial consultation.)

* Client references are available upon request.

For details on how we work with our clients see How We Do It.

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