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DSD Library

The DSD Library is an essential aid in developing Delphi applications and components. Included are property objects for adding to your components such as an email (SMTP), registry, form, and a property for making your custom components user configurable during runtime. Routines are separated into database and non-database units.

The TdsExceptionHandler component is the flagship of this library. It is the best way to handle exceptions in your applications. It will dramatically reduce the time spent tracking down bugs during development and during testing cycles. The TdsExceptionHandler component provides essential information when exceptions occur that make it easier to solve problems with your application to the extent that debugging time is cut down considerably. Exceptions are gracefully handled and the exception information is captured in text files for viewing at your convenience. This information is so useful that you will not want to limit its use to user testing, you will want to use the TdsExceptionHandler during your own development as well. This information can be emailed to you whenever an exception occurs! During beta testing this component is absolutely indispensable.

While the TdsExceptionHandler is very flexible, it is set up with default values that make it ready to be used simply by dropping it into a form in your application.

The TdsExceptionHandler also has a property that allows for exceptions of type Exception to be displayed with the standard exception dialog. This means code such as:

            Raise Exception.Create('Don''t do that!');

can be handled the same way it was prior to using the TdsExceptionHandler.

If you want exceptions to be handled in different ways, the properties of the TdsExceptionHandler can be changed during runtime, or use the exception class descendent, ECustomError and create your own settings for different situations. This gives the ability to customize the email addresses, information logged, what is displayed to the user or anything else dealing with an exception.

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