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If you are looking for assistance getting with eCommerce we are first and foremost a firm that embraces database and web technologies. We have experience working with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for creating secure transactions and validating and safely storing (encrypting) personal information. We are familiar with hacker exploits and what it takes to keep them out. We will cover the details so that your customers can make credit card transactions with your website and you can rest easy knowing it is secure.

Chances are the most cost effective option is to install an eCommerce software package (see Software Selection) driven by a custom website. If you already have a website, we can integrate eCommerce for you. If not, we can build one for you.

Get customer orders processing through your website. Call us. The first meeting is free.

* Client references are available upon request.

For details on how we work with our clients see How We Do It.

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