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How we do it

Research and Design

DataStream Development is a computer consulting/application development firm specializing in creating systems that last. We do this by getting the client involved in all phases of the development process closely following the Agile methodology for project management. Starting with intensive analysis, we interview members of your company, collect all documents and examine all systems associated with the processes being automated. After creating a system design we review it with your team. We then modify the design to solve any problems discovered during the review. Together we examine the new solutions. If more obstacles surface, more modifications follow. We repeat this process until there are no further issues and the design meets the scrutiny of all parties. The resulting design provides clarity and direction that makes building the system as straightforward and efficient as possible.

Development/Programming and Testing

During the development/programming cycle users receive software modules to be tested and critiqued. This process ensures the software meets your needs and expectations. As with the design process, we improve the modules to solve all issues uncovered during the review. DataStream aims to please the client during every step of development.

Service and Versatility

Our focus at DataStream Development is on giving you the best service possible. We tailor our role according to your needs. We can design and develop your entire system, help you complete system designs or assist with individual programming tasks. Based on your needs our consultants work independently or alongside your developers to meet deadlines with high quality programming. We break down complex processes into manageable components that are easy to learn from and emulate. The systems we build can grow or change with little effort. Whether building an entire system or helping with a single module, we remain available for support and guidance throughout the entire process. Your completed system will be a straightforward, modular application that is easy to maintain. Our systems last.

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